”Green Gas Cowboys”

According to Trading Standards, 19 out of 20 cars converted to gas by independent Installers (not Manufacturers) leak gas. Last year they converted 70,000 cars.

See our views on Competence.

(source, Daily Record 17th July 2002)

L.P. Gas (for Cars)

If you’re thinking of converting your car to L.P. gas you might want to check out a few facts for yourself before proceeding.

You might want to see if you can get funding for this venture?

You would want the unit to be fitted by competent installers.

You would obviously want a good warranty should anything go wrong.

You would want to know that the installers are accountable - “just in case”.

You would also want to know that your car is still covered by your insurers, and of course, you would hope your manufacturers warranty would remain intact.

You might raise the classic question - “well, it is safe - isn’t it?”

“Well Not Quite To All of the Above”.

If you have any points of concern please contact your local Member of Parliament as “Gas” and the “Road Traffic Act” are not devolved Acts of Parliament.

If you want to contact us then,

 E-mail : Enquiries@lpgaz.org.uk

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